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I Want Somebody Who Sees Me

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Birthdate:Aug 15
The love of learning,
The sequestered nooks,
And all the sweet serenity of

Less-than-employed Master of City and Regional Planning here with way too much student loan debt. I love what I do, I just need someone to pay me for it. I talk about Star Wars a lot and I've been sucked into Criminal Minds and Sherlock. One day, I will have a wife and dogs and students. And perhaps a giant bunny.

"things gets a little difficult when you are the one putting a miracle together."

"Imagination is the instrument of compassion." -- Zbigniew Herbert

"People sit where there are places to sit." -- William H. Whyte

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a swiftly tilting galaxy, academia, allison crowe, american beauty, anakin, anakin skywalker, anassing, apollo/midnighter, assemblage 23, athena, backsmoker diary, barenaked ladies, batgirl, batman, benton fraser, bmc, bnl, books, boston, british accents, bruce wayne, bruce/ducard, bryn mawr, bryn mawr college, bryn mawr cult rituals, bryn mawr house elves, bunnies, canon nazi beta-readers, chai, chanting in greek, chocolate, cities, comic books, courtly love, criminal minds, cross-stitch, crossword puzzles, dar williams, dark blue lanterns, darth vader, discworld, dogs, dread goddesses, drinking tea, due south, emmy noether, empathy, erdman, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, fencing, flowers, fraser/kowalski, gay rights, geeks, giant bunnies, godiva ice cream, hell week, herms, high tea, honor harrington, i support gay marriage, ian mckellen, ignoring my alarm clock, james bond, jax/luthe = otp, jedi, jenny sparks, john/sherlock, lantern night, lesbian rights, liberalism, libraries, lightsabers, lilo & stitch, lizards, llamas, lois mcmaster bujold, london, lycanthropy, massachusetts, may day, meta, minerva mcgonagall, monty python, more books, mounties, mycroft holmes, nerds, neville longbottom, new york, opera, pallas athena, patricia mckillip, people watching, physics, posh women's colleges, procrastinating, purple, qui-gon jinn, ravenclaw, ray kowalski, reading, research, role-playing games, safehold series, salem, samuel vimes, sandman, sci-fi, science fiction, sherlock, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, sherlock/john, singing, singing randomly, sir ian mckellen, slash, sophias, souls in the great machine, spencer reid, star wars, step sing, sushi, swords, tea, tentacle bunnies, terry pratchett, the authority, the backsmoker diary, the desert peach, the midnighter, traditions, transmet, urban planning, urban studies, urbanism, ursula leguin, werewolves, within temptation, wolf's rain, wolves
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